Anna Leigh Collector's Card - Red Tide First Edition (Limited)

$ 1.50

In Dave Dorman's new graphic novel Red Tide, there is one character in the background that warrants a second look. Anna Leigh is her name and her story extends way beyond the borders of the metropolis known as Mortal City

Once a member of the elite fighting unit known as The Light Angels, Anna Leigh proved herself to be a brilliant tactician, savage warrior and inspirational leader. But that was over a decade ago, during the period known as The Iron Wars - and now, after surviving The Break season after season, she has removed herself from the competition, preferring the drug-induced lifestyle of Mortal City's underbelly.

This card is the fourth in a set of eleven collector's cards from the First Edition Set created for the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. There is a very limited supply of cards available for purchase.

Each card is shipped in a clear plastic sleeve. A 9-pocket storage page capable of holding multiple cards may be purchased for $1.00 (click on the link and add the item to your cart).

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