Hanging Iguana Collector's Card - Red Tide First Edition (Limited)

$ 1.50

One of the recurring characters in the Wasted Lands paintings and stories is the hard-bitten private investigator known as Iguana. His wise-cracking ways and split second timing have always seemed to get him in and out of trouble.

But in Dave Dorman's new graphic novel Red Tide, the tables are about to turn on Iguana. Let's just say nobody likes to be "left hanging" when it comes to solving crimes and chasing bad guys. On top of all that, he hasn't had breakfast yet. And nobody likes it when Iguana is fighting crime on an empty stomach.

Especially the bad guys.

This card is the fifth in a set of eleven collector's cards from the First Edition Set created for the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. There is a very limited supply of cards available for purchase.

Each card is shipped in a clear plastic sleeve. A 9-pocket storage page capable of holding multiple cards may be purchased for $1.00 (click on the link and add the item to your cart).

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